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Nutritionals for the body:
Probiotic Food Supplement -

14 servings (14g)

Helps to maintain healthy gut flora which assists healing through better nutrition absorption.

Proflavanol C - an optimised dietary supplement which provides enhanced antioxidant activity (56 tablets). Assists with general wellbeing and aids recovery after illness.
Procosamine - a top grade bioavailable supplement to promote and maintain healthy joints and cartilage (84 tablets). Helps body repair after surgical trauma.
Nutritionals for the skin:
Firming Body Nourisher - no added parabens or harsh chemical preservatives ((225ml) A unique formula of plant extracts and natural lipids to nuture and moisturise your skin leaving it soft and hydrated.
Energising Shower Gel - again no added chemicals or preservatives (240ml) Just the tonic to help you to step out of the shower to start a new day.
Magazine - Magazine (specify choice of cooking, fashion, golf, fishing)


$115.00 AUD discounted price + delivery

Send speedy recovery wishes with this get well hamper simply brimming with useful items to get the patient back on track to great health. It includes fantastic products including a soft shaped cushion to protect sore areas, a Japanese foot massager, cosy socks and many other items geared towards skin care and recuperation. An ultimately caring gift that would make anyone feel better immediately!

How good is that scarless healer! Even the surgeon is amazed at how quickly the swelling went and the skin just healed up.

Contents in SURGERY HELPER Hamper
  • Soft plush cushion to relieve any sore spots – great for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • Japanese massager to help prevent peripheral neuropathy and stimulate blood flow
  • Scarless Healer – a unique herbal cream created to assist the rapid healing of cuts and wounds (50g). Can significantly reduce any scarring after operations.
  • Pure Castile Olive Oil Body Wash –The special formula produces a creamy low lather, leaving skin feeling hydrated, silky and soft. Perfect for all skin types (375ml)
  • Aloe Vera Gel 99% pure– assists skin hyrdration whilst soothing and cooling. In a handy sized pack you can take anywhere (75g)
  • PawPaw and Honey Balm – Petrochemical free – relieves irritations and cleanses naturally (25g)
  • Intensive Pure Olive Oil Body Balm – enriched with soothing and calming properties to assist in preventing sore areas while also providing relief from redness and irritation. (60ml)
  • Pure Green Tea – a rich source of antioxidants (10 serves). For days when you don’t feel hungry.
  • Cranberry & Pomegranate infusion – naturally caffeine free (10 serves) Just the smell makes you feel better!
  • Lip Balm with PawPaw (10g). Petrochemical and fragrance free. Protects your lips against hospital air conditioning and dehydration.
  • One pair of the softest microfiber socks (designs may vary) to keep toes cosy whether you are in bed or not
  • Candle in a Tin - 100% pure soy wax triple-scented with a beautiful and uplifting fragrance to make anyone feel better immediately. Scents include ‘inspiration’ ‘healing’ and ‘happiness’. (40 hours burn)
  • Goatsmilk & Olive Oil Soap – A pure moisturising and regenerative soap which contains major antioxidants to cleanse and protect the skin. No petrochemicals or sodium laureth sulphate (100g). The best thing for dry, itchy or sensitive skin.
  • Healthy Touch instant hand sanitiser - large. A must for any house with people needing a clean environment. (200ml)
  • Healthy Touch instant hand sanitiser – handy travel size for use anywhere (50ml)
  • Hot and cold gel pack (fabric covered) A must for any sore bits! Use cold from the freezer or heat in the microwave.
  • Handy massager for you or someone else to use
  • Bath ‘pouf’ for extra frothy luxury washing
  • Jelly beans (150g) Just because!
  • Packed with a handful of yummy chocolates
  • Gift card with your personal message
  • High quality shipping box
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