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Nutritionals for the body:
Probiotic Food Supplement -

14 servings (14g)

Helps to maintain healthy gut flora which assists healing through better nutrition absorption.

Proflavanol C - an optimised dietary supplement which provides enhanced antioxidant activity (56 tablets). Assists with general wellbeing and aids recovery after illness.
Procosamine - a top grade bioavailable supplement to promote and maintain healthy joints and cartilage (84 tablets). Helps body repair after surgical trauma.
Nutritionals for the skin:
Firming Body Nourisher - no added parabens or harsh chemical preservatives ((225ml) A unique formula of plant extracts and natural lipids to nuture and moisturise your skin leaving it soft and hydrated.
Energising Shower Gel - again no added chemicals or preservatives (240ml) Just the tonic to help you to step out of the shower to start a new day.
Magazine - Magazine (specify choice of cooking, fashion, golf, fishing)
Hot and cold gel pack - Hot and cold gel pack (fabric covered) A must for any sore bits! Use cold from the freezer or heat in the microwave.


$79.00 AUD discounted price + delivery

This useful basic pack contains all the things you need to help keep the environment sterile, soothe sore skin and provide warm comforting drinks. Add some of our optional items for a customised and caring hamper that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

My Aunty just thought this was great as it covered everything she needed for her hospital stay, thanks Holistic Hampers!

Contents in HEALING & HELPFUL Hamper
  • Instant hand sanitiser – handy travel size for use anywhere (50ml)
  • 99% pure aloe vera gel – soothing and cooling (75g)
  • Certified Organic Paw Paw and Honey Balm, Petrochemical Free - relieves irritation and cleanses naturally (25g).
  • Anti-bacterial wipes – alcohol free (pack of 15). Useful for cleanups or germ prevention.
  • Instant hand sanitiser (200ml) A must for any house with people needing a clean environment.
  • Green tea facial cleansing wipes – alcohol free and with vitamin E and aloe vera (pack of 25). A gentle way to cleanse.
  • Hydro Care lip balm with aloe vera (4.8g). Protects your lips against hospital air conditioning and dehydration.
  • Beauty Cream Bar – moisturising gentle soap (100g) Just the perfume makes you feel special.
  • One pair of softest microfiber bedsocks (designs may vary). Wear them watching TV or just to feel pampered.
  • Twinings of London Pure Green Tea – a rich source of antioxidants (10 serves). For days when you don’t feel hungry.
  • Twinings of London Cranberry & Pomegranate infusion – naturally caffeine free (10 serves) Just the smell makes you feel better!
  • Handy massager for you or someone else to use
  • Mentos – for when you need a mint! (37.5gm)
  • Bath ‘pouf’ for extra frothy luxury washing
  • Jelly beans (150g) Just because!
  • Gift card with your personal message
  • High quality shipping box
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