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Nutritionals for the body:
Proflavanol C - an optimised dietary supplement which provides enhanced antioxidant activity (56 tablets). Assists with general wellbeing and aids recovery after illness.
Hepaplus - a powerful and comprehensive liver tonic which supports liver function and detoxification


$250.00 AUD discounted price + delivery

Give someone you know a kick start back to great health with this wonderful hamper full of important nutritional supplements and healing teas. By providing the highest levels of key nutrients effectively, they will be feeling better in no time!

After six months of intensive cancer treatment, I really needed some help to get back to feeling less tired. After taking the supplements for a month, I can now run around after my 3 year old without being so tired. They really have helped.

Contents in OPTIMUM HEALTH Hamper
  • Essentials – mega antioxidant and multi mineral supplement (2 bottles x 112 tablets). An unsurpassed daily package to support and maintain immune function, cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing.
  • Procosamine – a top grade bioavailable supplement to promote and maintain healthy joints and cartilage (84 tablets). Helps body repair after trauma.
  • Probiotic Food Supplement – 14 servings (14g) Helps to maintain healthy gut flora which assists healing.
  • BiOmega III – a high potency natural fish oil supplement fortified with vitamin D and flavoured with natural lemon oil (56 capsules). Assists with internal healing at sites where radiation has occurred.
  • Energy Surge Pack – an advanced formula of antioxidants and other natural nutrients necessary for maintaining healthy and efficient energy levels. No artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Helps the body’s response to stress and the fatigue caused by radiotherapy. (14 sachets)
  • Japanese foot massager to help prevent peripheral neuropathy and stimulate blood flow
  • Green Tea with Mint – a rich source of antioxidants (10 serves). Tastes delicious and does you good!
  • Lemon and Ginger infusion – naturally caffeine free (10 serves) Calming for tummies that are feeling delicate.
  • Eyes of Adonia 100% soy wax candle in a tin – a beautiful and uplifting fragrance to make anyone feel better immediately. Scents include lime, mandarin,'healing' and 'happiness'.
  • Hot and cold gel pack (fabric covered) A must for any sore bits! Use cold from the freezer or heat in the microwave.
  • Jelly beans (150g) Just because!
  • Mentos - for when you need a mint! (37.5gm)
  • Gift card with your personal message
  • High quality shipping box
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