Hope In A Box!

$18.50 AUD discounted price + delivery

In Japan, the act of hanging a crane symbolises support for peace and hope. This simple caring gift is not just beautiful to look at but to be treasured always. Packaged in one of our special boxes, it will bring comfort to all who understand the essence of hope and recovery from illness. A true present.

'...when you can not think of anything appropropriate, this gift of hope is the answer, thankfully it was received in time and the thought was much appreciated'. Vanessa

Contents in Hope In A Box! Hamper
  • Paper crane hand-folded from Japanese Origami Paper encased in a glass bubble. Beautifully presented inside its own ribboned clear plastic box and printed with the uplifting story of Sadako (see below)
  • Gift card with your personal message
  • Special high quality shipping box

'The act of hanging a crane starts last century with the story of a young girl, Sadako, who became very ill from the atomic effects of WWII. An ancient Japanese legend promised anyone who folded a thousand origami cranes would be granted one wish. Whilst bedridden in hospital she began to fold cranes for herself and others. Her determination and spirit became famous as she continued to hope for good luck, long life, peace and recovery from her illness.

Each year, children and adults from all over the world travel to the Children's Peace Monument in Japan, to hang their own folded paper cranes as a gift to Sadako's memory and as a symbol for peace.'

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