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DESIGNER HEADWRAP by Designer Headwraps:

These fabulous and versatile headwraps have been the No.1 choice for the hair-challenged for years. Their soft-knitted form can be used as a beanie or as a wide band to anchor wigs (see enclosed instructional DVD for other uses). A must for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

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DESIGNER HEADHUGS by Designer Headwraps:

Chemo heads can get especially cold at night so these comfy Head Hugs are perfect for sleeping or daytime, both during treatment or long after (comes with instructional DVD). Everybody needs a Head Hug!

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SONGBIRD HAT by TrinityStore:

The Songbird Hats are now available in three sizes, S, M, and L! The S makes an adorable accessory for children, and the L is great for those who prefer a looser fit or who have lots of hair to tuck in! The Songbird Hats are made for donation to Holistic Hampers for inclusion in their wonderful Pink Hope Community Hampers. As the weather cools towards winter, upgrade your warm accessories and get behind this great cause by ordering your Songbird hat today!


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Nutritionals for the body:
Energy Surge Pack - an advanced formula of antioxidants and other natural nutrients necessary for maintaining healthy and efficient energy levels. No artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Helps the body’s response to stress and the fatigue caused by radiotherapy. (14 sachets)
Probiotic Food Supplement -

14 servings (14g)

Helps to maintain healthy gut flora which assists healing through better nutrition absorption.

BiOmega III - a high potency natural fish oil supplement fortified with vitamin D and flavoured with natural lemon oil (56 capsules). Assists with internal healing at sites where radiation has occurred.
Nutritionals for the skin:
Energising Shower Gel - again no added chemicals or preservatives (240ml) Just the tonic to help you to step out of the shower to start a new day.
Magazine - Magazine (specify choice of cooking, fashion, golf, fishing)


$132.00 AUD discounted price + delivery

Everything in this hamper will help! We have included gentle natural products to help prevent mouth and stomach irritations; sanitisers to keep the environment sterile; and, nutritious teas for non-appetite days. Using only the best nutrition and skin care products available, we are sure this hamper will optimise the ongoing care required for this difficult experience.

"What a wonderful surprise, such a huge hamper. We crowded around and pulled out one item after another. Everything is so essential. Thank you so much Holistic Hamper Team for caring enough about us."
Love Margaret.

I think I used everything in your hamper as it was so useful - especially the creams as they were the ones recommended by the people at the hospital', Thanks Claire

"Your teas were just what I wanted when I was feeling so sick after the chemo. What a clever thought to include them as I was certainly not well enough to buy them myself."

“The hampers are lovely. Thank you.” Karen

"... he was wearing his sock around his neck he absolutely loves it says it is so warm and cuddly." Thanks Ros

"She was delighted with her Hamper." Thanks Helene

I went through chemo in 2009 and a hamper like yours would have been fabulous." Thanks very much, Deb

"I received a Holistic Hamper from pink hope in December. I've enjoyed everything especially the tea! Ive never tasted anything so yummy!!!!", Amy Lee

  • Banksia scent nut and 100% pure essential oil (12ml) – this natural scent pot is worked from a real Banksia nut and comes complete with a useful essence. Fragrances include ‘meditation’ and ‘healing’.
  • Camomile, Honey and Vanilla infusion – naturally caffeine free (10 serves) Just the thing to make you feel better if you have no appetite!
  • Green Tea with Mint – a rich source of antioxidants (10 serves). Tastes delicious and does you good!
  • Delicious dessert teas (4) – unique boxed flavours not only taste good but smell good and do you good! Flavours include white choc mint, berry coulis and mint chocolate chai.
  • Olive Oil Soap Bar with Zeolite – A pure moisturising and regenerative soap which contains Zeolite to absorb heavy metals and pollutants from the skin whilst soothing and calming irritations.(100g)
  • Natural Whitening Toothpaste – fluoride free with added vitamins and antioxidants (128g) Specially formulated to be gentle on teeth and gums.
  • Sensitive Care toothbrush  – shaped and rounded bristles help prevent gum irritation
  • PawPaw and Honey Balm – Petrochemical free – relieves irritations and cleanses naturally (25g)
  • Gentle nail polish – free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBP (10ml). A fast-drying and long-wearing polish in the latest dark shades to protect your nails from the effects of some chemo treatments
  • Gentle Nail Polish Remover – non-acetone and with vitamin E (60ml). Leaves your nails feeling silky not dry.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes – alcohol free (pack of 15). Useful for cleanups or germ prevention.
  • Healthy Touch instant hand sanitiser – handy travel size for use anywhere (50ml)
  • Healthy Touch instant hand sanitiser - large. A must for any house with people needing a clean environment. (200ml)
  • Green tea facial cleansing wipes – alcohol free and with vitamin E and aloe vera (pack of 25). A gentle way to cleanse.
  • Lip Balm with PawPaw (10g). Petrochemical and fragrance free. Protects your lips against hospital air conditioning and dehydration.
  • Japanese foot massager to help prevent peripheral neuropathy and stimulate blood flow
  • One pair of the softest microfiber socks (designs may vary) to keep toes cosy whether you are in bed or not
  • Hot and cold gel pack (fabric covered) A must for any sore bits! Use cold from the freezer or heat in the microwave.
  • Mentos – for when you need a clear palate (37.5gm)
  • Bath ‘pouf’ for extra frothy luxury washing
  • Jelly beans (150g) Just because!
  • Packed with a handful of yummy chocolates
  • Gift card with your personal message
  • High quality shipping box





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