Why give Holistic Hampers?

Luckily most people purchasing our hampers will not be undergoing the treatments, so we have listed below the reasons behind some of the items included in the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy hampers to help non-patients understand more easily why these products have been selected and why they will be so useful.

Chemotherapy Hamper - why these contents were chosen:
  1. Nausea and vomiting - The two natural teas selected will assist with refreshing the patient's palate and will be comforting during nausea. The jelly beans help raise the blood sugar which decreases stomach discomfort.
  2. Mouth ulcers and sore gums - the mucosa lining the mouth becomes irritated with most chemotherapy treatments. We have included a very soft bristled toothbrush and a uoride-free toothpaste to minimize irritations.
  3. Peripheral neuropathy - numbness and tingling in fingers and toes are often a side effect of chemotherapy. The foot massager, soft socks and gel pack will assist with both prevention and relief.
  4. Neutropaenia - lowered white blood cell count increases the risk of infection. The hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes will help keep the patient's environment as sterile as possible and decrease exposure to potentially harmful germs.
  5. An increased risk of bleeding, bruising and skin rashes - these are common side effects which can be helped by using gentle moisturizing soaps, natural ointments and sunscreens; all of which are included in this hamper.
  6. Changes in smell and taste - the teas and mints will help reduce the metallic taste in the mouth often experienced by most chemotherapy patients.
  7. Nails can become darker, cracked and brittle - often exacerbated by sunlight. We have included a dark nail polish (non-toxic) to help prevent these nail changes and a Vitamin E nail polish remover to be as gentle as possible.
  8. A lowered red blood cell count often occurs during chemotherapy and increases feelings of fatigue - the hot gel pack and soft socks will help create a cosy comfort.
  9. Arthralgia - stiff joints and muscles will find relief with the gel pack and the handy body massager.
  10. Diarrhea/constipation - the anti-side effect drugs may often cause bowel problems.These teas will help ease and heal any GIT issues which may be experienced.
Radiotherapy Hamper - why these contents were chosen:
  1. Skin may become red and dry - the light moisturizing cream, gentle soap and body washes provided will help gently cleanse and rehydrate sore skin. The aloe vera gel and papaw ointment will both speed healing and keep skin supple.
  2. Chemical interference with radiotherapy treatment may be experienced where normal deodorants are used - the fragrance and aluminum free deodorant in the hamper reduces this reaction.
  3. Skin may feel 'sunburnt - the cold gel pack provided will assist with a cooling of any affected areas.
  4. Wounds or intensely irritated skin may occur on sensitive areas - the hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes will help keep environments as sterile as possible and prevent possible infections.
  5. Tiredness and fatigue - this is experienced by most radiotherapy patients even after treatment has nished. The caffeine-free tea selected and the jelly beans will both serve as instant pick-me-ups.
  6. Skin blisters and discolourations - both prevention and healing of these will be assisted by the natural aloe vera gel and papaw ointments.
  7. Insect bites and stings - these can irritate already sore skin and can cause lymph irritation in certain patients. The insect repellant provided in the hamper contains only natural ingredients to help and prevent this problem.
  8. Arthralgia - stiff joints and muscles will find relief with the gel pack and the handy body massager.
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