Nutritionals for the body

These unique ingredient formulas are based on sound, scientifically proven formulations and are at the forefront of nutritional science in the world. Their clinically tested ingredients and potency is guaranteed to the highest standards to optimise and maintain health. The manufacturing processes follow stringent analytical and quality control procedures and are part of a regular clinical trial program. Holistic Hampers use only these supplements as it is confident that they are simply the best available at this time.

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Nutritionals for the skin

These beautiful products have been carefully selected for their ability to nourish, protect and enhance the health of your skin. Paraben and preservative free, the unique natural blends are of the highest quality ingredients, using no harsh chemicals and chosen for their ultimate purity. They are manufactured in specially designed, environmentally clean rooms that ensure continuing high quality standards. Since the skin is the body’s largest and most important organ, we believe that natural skin care without chemical preservatives is profoundly important as it is therefore capable of assisting the healing of all the other organs if it is kept at optimum health.

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